Adventures of Women Anglers


Would have loved knowing this man.

“Fairy tales of man and moods and trout …
Lands and waters, care and cause without.
Quick-sided games and a river’s chuckling sound,
to solitude and love where self is found.

~ Mel Kreiger


It’s not about catching fish… it’s about the stories that we create… the friendships that are made… the people we meet along the way, the ones who understand the journey and become an unspoken part of this community we call anglers… it’s about the pursuit… discovery… mystery… magic… it’s the sound of the natural world, the movement of water and wind and the dance of spirits and the gentle voice of the soul… it’s the chance to feel grateful for the very breath we breathe… the mist rising, the snow falling, the cold rush of water embracing every ounce of us… it’s the moment and the opportunity to be in it… that’s. why. we. fish.



goin’ to find some good vibrations… let our hearts follow the river!

Tying flies to the Tango

Janineeeeee makin’ turds.

Here fishy fishy

Big woolly flies for big Argentina Trout! Slurp!


Welcome to the Fishin’ Sistahs blog.

This blog will chronicle the adventures of four women anglers known as the fishin’ sistahs. We are only four of thousands of women who love to fish, and who have discovered great friendships along the way. This blog will eventually be open to all women anglers who wish to share their fishing experiences and their love of angling. Hope you enjoy the journey.